Block of the Month Quilts


These exquisite block of the month quilt patterns will bring you countless hours of enjoyment.
There's no better way to tackle a more challenging project than with a block of the
month quilt pattern. Progressing through the patterns each month enables you to accomplish beautiful quilts with ease. Block of the month quilt patterns offer a simplified and manageable approach to larger patchwork and quilting projects.

Starting a new quilt design can be exciting. Imagining the new quilt in your home can brighten your spirits. Or seeing the enjoyment that others will get from your work can give you a real lift. Although at times it is only natural to feel a little overwhelmed, particularly when starting more detailed quilt projects. Knowing where to start can be confusing.

Block of the month quilt patterns help to ease this uncertainty. They give you the confidence that you need to complete the project.Tackling a quilt in sections or blocks enables you to progress quickly and easily through even the most challenging quilt. Each month you will
be amazed and delighted as your quilt takes shape right before you eyes.

Click on each image to discover more about each block of the month quilt. Take advantage of our unique monthly pdf pattern programs and enjoy.
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