Beginners Quilting and Quilt Making Advice

Quilting and quilt making can be confusing if you are a beginner.
But don't worry help is here. Start by doing some research and soon you
will have the confidence to begin your first quilt.

Quilt making  has now flourished into an expressive craft which has endless
possibilities in what you can create. If you are new to the hobby,
you may be a little unaware of the different aspects of the craft,
such as the equipment you will need and things to take into consideration
when making your first quilt.

The good news is that no special skills are required for quilt making,
so absolutely anybody can begin regardless of their ability.
There are also no set rules about how to go about creating your quilt and
as you become more experienced in quilting and making quilts,
you may possibly find you can create your own techniques to become
faster and more efficient.

Originally, quilts were made by hand using a simple method of templates
and hand piecing. Some may prefer to stick with this method, but as time
has gone on, there have been advances in quilt making, including machine
quilting and machine piecing.

In order to get started, you will require some basic supplies which will
aid you in creating your quilts. A rotary cutter will allow you to cut
through several layers of fabric, much like a tool knife and so is an
imperative tool for any quilter.
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As they are quite sharp, it is important to take care when using one and
to also invest in a rotary cutting mat and ruler. These come in different
sizes, as do the rotary cutters themselves. The mat is self-healing which
is beneficial as it will allow you to continue to use it multiple times.
The mat also includes grid lines which help make your measuring and
cutting more accurate.

Other pieces of equipment you will require include fabric, thread,
fabric scissors and a pencil or fabric pen which will allow you to
mark out patterns on fabrics ready for cutting. If you choose to
hand quilt, a quilting hoop can also be beneficial.

 It is a good idea before starting your first quilt to also educate
yourself on the different aspects of your quilt including suitable
fabrics, batting and design.

You can use a wide range of fabrics to create any look you want and
these fabrics can be easily found. However, when picking fabrics for
a quilt choose quality fabrics that are 100% cotton for best result.
These will be easier to sew with and will launder well.

Batting comes in different types of materials including cotton, polyester,
wool and bamboo. The quilt batting you choose will depend on the end use
for your quilt and your method of quilting. You can read more about the
different types of quilt batting by clicking here.

Finally consider the overall design of the quilt.
If you are new to quilting and quilt making choose an easy design.
Quilt designs based on squares are good for beginners.
Triangles and circles can be tricky so leave these until you have some more confidence.