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How do I get my pattern to print at the correct size?
Check that the pattern document is set at 100% when printing (found at the top of the PDF)
If the problem persists click on “File” in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
Then click “Print”. A dialog box will open on your screen.
About half way down the dialog box, you will see the “Page Handling” heading and underneath it,
the “Page Scaling” sub-heading. There are a number of options for Page Scaling – you can see them
all by clicking on the small blue down arrow to the right of the white textbox.
If you wish to print the stitchery at exactly the same size click the “None” option from this list.
Click the “Okay” button in the bottom right corner of the Print dialog box.
Your printer will produce your free stitchery design and instructions.

I am having trouble downloading the videos
The videos are in a (wmv format) and can be viewed with your Windows Media Player,
or other similar program, that supports that format.
Check that your computer has a suitable program for viewing.

My download stops before it is finished.
I understand how frustrating this can be. But don't worry help is at hand.
There are several causes to why a download may fail before it has completed download.
Below is a list of some of the more common causes to why a download fails.

1. Lost Internet connection - If you loose connection to the Internet for any reason for
any amount of time the download will fail. Check that your computer is not shutting down
after a period of time. This can be changed in the control panel of your computer.

2. Lost connection with the server - If your connection between your computer and the
server where you're downloading the file from is interrupted or lost it will cause your
download to fail. This is not a problem with your computer or Internet connection but a
problem with the other computer or the connections in-between.

3. Connection times out - If the file is being sent at and/or received below the servers
threshold the server will time out the file because it is taking too long.
This could be caused because the server is overloaded, your Internet connection is slow,
and/or overall Internet is slow.

Below is a listing of several different solutions to help decrease or eliminate this
issue from occurring on your computer.

Try the download again As mentioned above if your computer looses connection with the
server while a file is being downloaded it can fail. Sometimes simply trying to download
the file again will allow it to complete.

Try the download again at a later time. If you're attempting to download a popular file or
a file that has just been released it could be that the server is overloaded with people
attempting to get the file at the same time.

Download manager

For users who commonly encounter this problem when downloading from any web page getting
a third-party download manager that can monitor and if needed resume a download from
where it stopped is also a good solution to this problem. I often experienced problems
downloading files until I installed a download manager.

The great news is that this software is free and only takes a few minutes to install.
Simply click on the link below and then select to download the FDM (located on the right of the screen).
Save it on your computer.
Once it has been downloaded go to the FDM file now on your computer and click to install.

Click here to download the FREE download manager

Once the software is installed all you have to do is right click on the link you
want to download and you will notice some options.

Chose the option that says "download with free download manager'.
Make sure you select where to save the file on your computer.
The video will download for you quickly and easily.

Upgrade to broadband

Finally, if all the above recommendations do not help with resolving this issue and
you're not connected to the Internet using a broadband connection it may be time to
consider upgrading to a broadband connection.

I have a Mac computer and I cannot get the videos to play.
The video resources are in a Quickplayer format called wvm. 
If your Mac does not have a compatible program visit  Apple support and they will advise you on what to do.
 If you have any problems downloading your resource please feel free to contact me via