How to - English Paper Piecing

 Want to learn how to patchwork using the English paper piecing technique?

The production of pre-cut templates for English paper piecing projects has made this
traditional technique quicker and easier.
It is no longer necessary to trace each template individually and then cut them out.
Templates can be bought in all different
shapes and sizes and usually come in packs of 100,and they can be reused many times over.
This is wonderful news if your passion is English paper pieced quilts.

The process involved with paper piecing is very simple.
A template is made from firm paper or light weight cardboard.
The thickness of a Manila folder is perfect for this technique.
The templates are placed over the fabric, pinned and cut out with a 1/4" seam allowance.
It is not necessary to use a rotary cutter and ruler for this,
a sharp pair of scissors is fine.
The seam allowance does not have to be exact as in machine piecing.
The fabric is folded over the template and secured using a hand tacking stitch.
Once each template is covered, the shapes are sewn right sides together using a small
Whipped stitch as shown.

Eventually the tacking stitch is pulled out and the paper or cardboard template is removed.
Hope that this information has inspired you to try English paper piecing.