How to Join Pieces for Quilt Batting

Have you ever been in the situation where your quilt is
too large for your quilt batting?
Or perhaps you have some quilt batting offcuts that could be used for your next quilt
project if only you knew how to join the pieces together.
Here is the information that you need.
The good news is that joining together quilt batting is very easy. It can be done by
hand or machine. If you choose to join by hand
(my recommendation) you will need a large needle and a neutral coloured machine cotton.
Simply secure the thread at the top of the two pieces to be joined and sew a ladder stitch.
To work a ladder stitch weave the thread back and forth catching the batting on the raw edges.
(refer to diagram below) The batting should not be overlapped. It should just come together
as shown in the diagram.

You can also join the batting by using a walking foot. Select the largest setting you have
for zig- zag stitch and sew the batting together.
As for the hand technique - do not overlap the batting.