How to Transfer an Embroidery Pattern

Transferring Embroidery Designs is easy once you learn a few tips.

There are a few techniques used for transferring your chosen embroidery design onto your fabric.
If you are using a pale coloured fabric or light to medium weight fabric the best method is to use a light source.

Using a Light Box
Place the design on the light box face up. It is a good idea to use a small amount of tape to prevent the
pattern from slipping. Place the fabric over your pattern right side facing up.
Tape your fabric in place as well (across the corners is fine).
Using a soft lead pencil such as a 2B, or a soluble washable marker, trace over the design.
Press lightly and be mindful that your marking need to be invisible at a later stage...don't
be too heavy handed. The marking will appear darker once removed from the light source.

You can make an improvised light box by placing a lamp under a glass coffee table.
Using a Well Lit Window
It is also possible to use a well lit window in place of a light box.
Tape the pattern design onto the window (make sure it is straight).
Place the fabric over the top and tape in place. Transfer the design as above.

Using Dress Maker's Carbon
If you are working on a dark or heavy weight fabric you can use dress maker's carbon,
although be can be more difficult to remove.
It comes in different colours so choose wisely according to your fabric colour.
Simply place a sheet of the carbon face down onto your fabric, then place the pattern
over this and trace over the design. Make sure you trace all of the can
be difficult to re-align the pattern once removed.

Freehand Draw
If you are using a dark or heavy weight fabric you can draw your design freehand
using a white washable marker or a Taylor's chalk or pencil.

Click here for a free embroidery pattern...this one's on us.