How to Work Handmade Blanket Stitch

Here are instructions for handmade Blanket stitch

Blanket stitch is primarily used for hand applique however it can also be used
as a surface stitch for embroidery.This stitch is frequently used around the
edge of blankets which is probably where the name originates from.
Blanket stitch is also known as open buttonhole stitch.
Buttonhole stitch is very similar to blanket stitch.
The difference being that the stitches are worked very closely together.
It was often used around buttonholes (hence its name) although can also
be used in fancy needlework such as Cutwork.
I often use this stitch for working flowers, especially hollyhocks.

Work blanket stitch from left to right along straight lines and curves.
When appliqueing bring the needle up on the outer edge to be worked.
Pull the needle through the fabric over the top of the thread as shown in the diagram.


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