Instructions on How to Work Fly Stitch

Looking for information on how to work Fly stitch?

Fly stitch is an easy embroidery stitch to master. It's also known as Y stitch and
open loop stitch.This stitch can be worked quickly. I use it regularly when embroidering
plants and bushes.It works well to enclose a flower bud or as branches of foliage.

Extended fly stitch is where you lengthen or extend the base of the stitch to form an
elongated Y. This is the stitch I use most often for working a rose or daisy bush.
The stitch can be varied in length and overlapped to produce great results quickly and

Fly stitch can also be stitched in a horizontal or vertical row. The stitches can touch
or be spaced regularly apart. Fly stitch is best worked in a taut embroidery hoop.

Bring the needle through at the top left and insert it diagonally back into the fabric
from the right. The needle tip should point downwards.Pull the needle through over the
thread to form a v shape. Work a straight stitch to hold the loop in place.

A short straight stitch represents a Fly stitch and a longer straight stitch represents
an extended Fly stitch.
Fly stitch is a wonderful stitch to have in your embroidery repertoire.

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