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Have You Always Wanted to Learn How to Embroider?
It's possible to start learning today and the best news is that it's now easier than ever before.

If you would like to learn how to embroider,or to improve your embroidery skills,
then this could be the most exciting information you read all year.

I have something very unique to share with you.

As a sewing teacher I have listening to people who have struggled to find a quick and
easy way to learn how to embroider.
Some of these people struggled trying to learn from the often complicated illustrations found in books.
I have shared in this frustration as well.
Others attended expensive workshops but then forget what they had been shown within weeks of learning.
If this sounds like you then keep reading.

Some people were lucky enough to have someone around to show them first hand how to embroider.
This was fantastic for them because I strongly believe this is the best way to learn.
Providing of course that the person showing them was a patient teacher!

Others have shared with me less happy stories of being "turned off" sewing and embroidery from a less
forgiving and impatient teacher.And some people have explained that they feel too embarrassed to attend a workshop.
Because they don't want everyone else discovering their inability or lack of skills.
Some people felt intimidated and lacked the confidence that they needed to join a class full of people.
I totally understand and sympathize with these people.
Maybe you can relate to their stories too.

Another problem that people often face is that their work or family commitments prevent them from finding the time
to learn how to embroider. As a mother of three I understand this problem as well.
That's why I decided to do something to help.

From over 20 years of teaching I have gained a lot of satisfaction from observing people
who discover the pure joy of learning something new.
This is particularly true for woman who I have watched gain greater confidence and skills
from learning new embroidery stitches and techniques.

This new confidence meant that they were able to tackle more challenging embroidery projects with ease.
They were able to create wonderful projects that amazed their families and friends.
BUT more importantly they were able to take time out from this hectic world we all live in just to relax and sew.
They were able to unwind, to just sit and be still.
Many of my closest friends who are avid sewers tell me the same thing.
They find embroidery therapeutic, that it just magically makes them feel good.

There is something very special and totally engaging about the relaxing nature of embroidery and
I would like everyone to experience this wonderful feeling for themselves.

This got me thinking, how could I do this?
Then one day it came to me, I had an idea.
Let me ask you this question.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have your very own embroidery tutor right there
in the lounge room with you?

Imagine how easy it would be to learn from looking over the shoulder of an expert.
Right there in your own home.
Wouldn't your life be easier if you could refer back to each lesson time and time again.
This would make sewing your next project much easier wouldn't it?
The fantastic news is that all this is possible starting from today.

I have put together a 12 part audio and visual resource that has been designed especially for you.
"Learn How to Embroider the Easy Way" is unique and exclusive to this web page.

And the best part is that it's electronic which means it can be downloaded to your computer in a flash.
If you're new to this amazing technology don't worry, I'll be here to help you every step of the way.
Within minutes you could be watching me demonstrate the ten most common stitches used in embroidery.
I'll reveal little known tricks that I have discovered from teaching embroidery for almost 20 years.
This means that my resource is not only perfect for beginners but is also ideal for more experienced sewers as well.

But don't take my word for it, listen to what other people are saying:

"I have received and downloaded my embroidery videos and am very happy with them.
So happy in fact I have been practicing ever since.
They are so simple to understand I don't know why it hasn't been done before.
I have a friend who usually helps me, however I think watching the video is
better as you can re-play it as many times as you like (you know... because I
always forget what I have learnt ) and I don't have to keep asking the same
questions over and over. So 'everyone is happy'. Congratulations
on a marvelous product!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Until next time, Kind regard and many thanks
Wendy (Australia)

'I just purchased your Learning to Embroider video series. 
I'm a beginner and these lessons are so easy to follow!. 
I've also been quilting for about a year and really enjoy it. 
I travel a lot and spend many hours in airports and in hotel
rooms so I was looking for a craft to do while on the road.
Embroidery is the perfect choice for me.  These videos were so
easy to download and I was able to also save them to a thumbdrive
so I can take them anywhere.  I'm so glad I found you!
Lori,USA - Texas

"This is an excellent resource for embroidery newbies like myself.
It is so helpful to actually see the stitches being carried out step by step
and explained along the way. Much more helpful than trying to figure the more
complex stitches out from a 2D graphic in a book."
Betsy (United States)
"I received your email, and downloaded everything. How wonderful for you to be so sincere.
See, I knew this about you just from your voice. The Australian accent is one of the most
pleasing to me, I could listen to it all day. I look forward to putting aside some time
very shortly and "sitting with you" and learning. I will certainly be in touch."
Take Care...Susan

Thank you for the very kind email - and , yes I managed to download successfully your videos.
I've been cross-stitching for years and only recently moved off the "tramlines" into freehand embroidery.
I was a bit short on stitches and have never been able to really get to grips with diagrams in books - perhaps
because I'm left-handed. But your videos are great and I'm really excited to get on with it.
I'm sure you really didn't want to know all this but I'm so pleased with your site and designs etc,
I just wanted to say thank you. Will no doubt be in touch with you again. Take care. Kindest regards,
Nora Macarthur UK

"I bought your embroidery course today and I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a brilliant resource. 
I am waiting for my sewing supplies to arrive but I know already that your videos are going to be invaluable in
learning the craft.  I don't have access to learning embroidery apart from online and I am really excited to get started. 
Your videos are so calm and easy to watch, it's going to be great learning from you."
Bethany, Scotland
You will be able to learn at your own pace, practicing each stitch with me.
You can pause the videos or replay them as many times as you like.
In some ways it's even better than a one on one workshop. There's no pressure and
you can see the demonstrations time and time again. How wonderful.

The video will take a few moments to load, but it is well worth the short wait.

This really is the easiest way for you to learn a skill that could bring you countless hours of enjoyment.
Imagine what you could create knowing how to work a variety of embroidery stitches with ease and confidence.
Imagine the look on your family and friend's faces when you give them a gift that you
have hand embroidered yourself.
The possibilities are endless!

Click here now to secure your copy of this incredible resource

If you are a bit scared by this new technology, don't be.
Remember I'm here at the other end of this computer to help you.
Once you make your purchase an easy to follow step by step instruction page will appear automatically.
It has everything that you need to know for download.
Once you have the videos on your computer you can then save them onto a disc so that they will be safe and close at hand.

Here's what I have included for you in this groundbreaking resource:
Part 1 Learning the Basics

Which needle to use (getting this right from the start can make a huge difference to your end result)
How to use an embroidery hoop (learn one of the secrets to your embroidery success)
Discover how to thread a needle the easy way (this will save you heaps of time)
Learn how to tie a knot (guaranteed to be the best knot you ever learn)
Find out how to finish off your work securely (your embroidery will never come undone)

Part 2 Transferring your pattern

Explains how to transfer your pattern onto your fabric quickly and easily for your practice project
(discover how to do this the easy way without leaving unsightly marks behind)
Explore the different types of markers used (you'll know exactly what to buy when you go shopping)
Which fabric to start embroidery on (it's inexpensive and easy to transfer your pattern onto)
Discover two methods for transferring patterns (find out which one is the best for beginners)

The Demonstration Videos Include:
Part 3 Back Stitch (used for redwork and outlining designs, also great for lettering)
Part 4 Whipped Back Stitch (great for stems and thicker outlines)
Part 5 Running Stitch (used to outline, used for hand quilting and top stitching)
Part 6 Blanket Stitch (used for applique, decorative edging and pinwheel flowers)
Part 7 Chain Stitch (decorative outline or filling stitch)
Part 8 Lazy Daisy (used for flowers and leaves)
Part 9 French Knots (used to create whole designs, fabulous for eyes and flower centres)
Part 10 Satin Stitch (used for monogramming and filling shapes)
Part 11 Fly Stitch and Extended Fly stitch (used for decorative edging or for creating stems and bushes)
Part 12 Bullion Stitch (used for roses and great for flowers and foliage)

You couldn't ask for a better way to learn embroidery. Each of these stitches are clearly demonstrated.
You'll be able to watch as they take shape right before your eyes.
The videos are broken up into separate parts so that you can quickly and easily find the stitch or
information you are looking for. You'll be able to watch and see how to start each stitch and how to finish off.
I'll explain how to avoid common mistakes and reveal my little secrets, that up until now, only a select number
have had benefit from. Your creativity will be unleashed as I show you detailed examples of how each stitch
can be utilized in a variety of embroidery projects.
Just think you could be watching these videos and learning how to embroider 10 minutes from now.
Not only do you get to watch me demonstrate these stitches, you'll also explore how I use them in an
embroidery project. You'll be able to practice each stitch with me and then apply them to a beautiful
floral embroidery design. At the end of each video I explain how to incorporate the embroidery stitch
into the pattern shown below.
Imagine the fun we'll have as we apply each stitch to your practice project.
It couldn't be easier!

This exquisite original pattern for the "Springtime Basket of Flowers" project is included with the resource.

 We work through the project together, step by step.
This design would be perfect framed, incorporated into a quilt or cushion.
It would look great in your home or to give as a special gift.
How much would you expect to pay for a resource that could bring you a lifetime of pure bliss?

In total there is over one hour of video viewing.
Each video shares with you something new.
You'll be able to tap into knowledge gained from my years of teaching embroidery.

Many of my students have paid hundreds to attend my workshops and to learn these secrets.
Now you can benefit for a fraction of that amount.
This resource is very unique and is exclusive to this web page.
In fact it's a one of a kind.

And the best news is that this amazing state of the art resource is yours for just $58.90 AU

Not much to pay when you consider all the benefits of having this technologically advanced
resource at your finger tips. Go for it, don't wait any longer.
I want to start learning how to embroider today please take me to the order page
But because I want to make this the best "how to" embroider resource I'm also going
to throw in 3 fantastic bonuses for you.
Each bonus is electronic so that you can start enjoying them today.

Bonus One E-Book Valued at $35-The Only Embroidery Guide You'll Ever Need.

This comprehensive 28 page embroidery stitch library will be invaluable to you.
Over 25 embroidery stitches have been included.
Each stitch has clear, easy to follow instructions on how the stitch can be worked and is
accompanied by over 70 illustrations.
Embroidery Stitches Included

Chain Stitch
Zigzag Chain
Chequered Chain
Twisted Chain
Open Chain
Braid Stitch
Cable Chain
Knotted Chain
Split Stitch.
Satin Stitch
Long and Short Stitch
Stem Stitch
Overcast Stitch
Back Stitch
Buttonhole Stitch
Tailor's Buttonhole
Fancy Buttonhole Edgings
Flower in Open Buttonhole Stitch
Leaf in Close Buttonhole Stitches
Petal in Solid Buttonholing
Knots and Knot Stitches
Herring-bone Stitch
Feather Stitch
Basket Stitch
Fishbone Stitch
Cretan Stitch
Roumanian Stitch

Imagine having all this wonderful information at your fingertips.

Bonus Two E-Book valued at $58 - Exquisite Jacobean Patterns
Indulge yourself with this incredible set of over 20 Jacobean plates.
Ideal to use as patterns or to refer to when embroidering your own designs.

I've seen just one Jacobean pattern sell for $16 AU.
You get over 20 with this amazing value packed bonus.
It could be yours today!

Bonus Three E-Book Valued at $18 AU
A Rare Collection of Charming Verses for Your Embroidery Projects

 Over 500 sayings have been included in a variety of 16 topics.
Each one is ideal for that special embroidery or quilt project.
Create tomorrow's heirlooms for someone special to your heart.
Add a personal message that will last a lifetime.

You get this fabulous 12 part audio and video resource plus all three bonuses for just $58.90
(That's $100 worth of extra value for free)

But just in case you are unsure I'm going to offer you a 60 day money back guarantee.
That means you can order now and test run the videos yourself.
I'm so confident that you'll love them that I'll happily refund your money in full no questions asked.
It doesn't can't get much fairer than that.
Don't wait another second. Grab your copy of this value packed embroidery resource
together with all the out standing bonuses today.
Make this the year that you decide to learn how to embroider.

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Warmly Lenna Green

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