PDF e-patterns explained

 It is now possible to get your pattern to you in record time for less money!
The secret lies in the latest technology and the newly discovered concept of
PDF e-patterns…and you become the winner!
Just imagine you could be enjoying your pattern within the next few minutes…amazing but true!
E-patterns are simply electronic patterns. This means that we can send them to you via your computer. They look just like an ordinary pattern and come with a colour photograph. All you have to do is print the pattern out and start stitching. How easy is that?
No more waiting in frustration for the mail to arrive. You can simply choose to have this pattern NOW.
 And if you think that it all sounds too technical for you…then think again.
Once your payment is made you will automatically be taken to the download page. Here you will find clear, step by step instructions which involve 2 clicks. Just like magic your pattern will be downloaded to your computer. Don’t worry about losing the pattern during download. Real people are here at the other end of your computer screen to make sure you get what you have paid for. If you have any problems we guarantee that you will get your pattern.
Isn’t it time you took advantage of this groundbreaking technology?
Once you experience how easy it is to enjoy e-patterns you’ll never buy patterns the old fashion way again.
Let’s recap the benefits for you.
E-patterns are less expensive compared to traditional formats ( become a smart shopper)
Have immediate access to your pattern (save time and start stitching this project today)
Stay ahead of the crowd with this new remarkable technology (amaze your friends and family)
Keep more of your cash for other patterns, fabric or craft supplies
(Buy twice the number of patterns and have twice the fun)
But the only way to prove the value of buying a downloadable pattern is to try it yourself.
Take the plunge. All patterns included on the Stitching Cow website are available in an electronic format for your convenience.
Order an e-pattern and start enjoying your pattern and these benefits today.