Sewing and Quilt Making Course with Free DVD

Free DVD Reveals 10 Secrets to Successful Quilt Making: The Lessons of 20 Years of Trial and Error
If you would like to make beautiful quilts without feeling stressed and overwhelmed,
then this could be the most important thing you read all year.

Let me tell you a story...
Over 15 years ago when I first became interested in quilt making I was newly married,
expecting our first child and lived on a remote farm miles away from anyone.
One day while flicking through a glossy lifestyle magazine, over a freshly brewed
cup of coffee and cake, something caught my eye.
There draped over the arm of a lounge chair was a beautiful quilt.
Everything about that quilt captured my attention. The dreamy colors, the exquisite fabrics,
the interesting pattern. It was a work of art.

At that moment I knew I wanted that quilt in my home.


It’s important to remember at this point that I knew nothing about quilt making.
I had always admired quilts, the various patterns and use of color intrigued me.
Making something that could last the test of time also appealed to my senses and
I longed to be able to make something as special as an heirloom quilt for each of
my children.But there I was in the middle of no where, with no clue of how to begin.
Then something came over me.
Armed with nothing more than a pair of scissors, off cuts of fabric, a needle and
thread and sheer determination I launched in.

I didn't even let the fact that I had no pattern stop me.I had an old cream blanket
that had been given to me by my Grandmother,so for sentimental reasons,
I decided it was to be the basis for my quilt. My Grandmother had bound the
edge with some fabric that was now looking very worn but it still had a lovely vintage
look about it. So this small strip of edging fabric became the basis for color decisions
and style of fabrics to be incorporated into the quilt.

So what happened next? I'll let you know a bit later on.

Looking back on this memory now makes me laugh.
Especially when I realize how far I've come.
Now as a professional quilt designer I cringe at the thought of
my early days of quilt making. I find it hard to believe that I
now have leading quilt and craft magazines contacting me wanting
me to appear in their publications.
Even harder to comprehend is the fact that I own and manage two
successful businesses both in the areas of quilt making and textile crafts.
I'm telling you this not to brag but to let you know that I started from
a very low knowledge base.
I had no formal quilt making training.
The truth is that I learned most of my lessons making 10 quilts over a
15 year period. Each of these quilts was made for a particular person and
each taught me a valuable lesson in “what not to do” when making a quilt.

But why put yourself through this much stress and frustration?

It doesn't have to be this way.It seems crazy now to think that
it took me 10 quilts and 15 years to learn these lessons.
I remember my darling husband would joke with me on completion of
each quilt “So what’s wrong with this one?” was the usual question.
I didn’t dare reveal my unfinished projects (or UFOs as they are commonly known)
Many unfinished quilt projects were lurking in the shadows of my fabric cupboard
because I had made mistakes that I did not know how to fix.
One of these unfinished quilts had been started when I was pregnant with my third
child (not a good idea) I had made some very disappointing fabric and color
choices which startled me a few months later.

But the good news is that you don't have to make the same mistakes or waste
the amount of time and money that I did.
Learning quilt making is really very easy when you know how to go about it.
One of the biggest problems is knowing where to start.
In fact today there seems to be so much information available that the idea
of learning quilt making has become overwhelming. There's gadgets for everything,
technical terms to baffle even the smartest sewer and so many patterns and fabrics
available that the choice seems endless.

It's no wonder that people are getting frustrated.

When I first started teaching quilting classes 10 years ago I came into contact
with many women who wanted to learn how to make quilts for their family and friends.
Some were like me in my story. Newly married and wanting to make quilts for their
children. Others were retired looking for a hobby to enjoy, and some were Grandmothers
with grand children to make quilts for.

What I found was that they all had one thing in common.

They all wanted to learn quilt making and they all learned better from having someone
show them what to do. Often it was the little tricks and tips that I shared with them that
helped them the most, rather than the pattern or expensive book they had just purchased.
It was telling them the stories of my first 10 quilts that they related to and remembered the most.
Which is why I want to share them with you.
I would like to help you to fall in love with quilt making just like I did and to pass on
the lessons from my first 10 quilts. To show you first hand the quilts in question and to
explain in simple language the basics of quilt making from A to Z.

My aim is to demystify quilt making so that anyone can take the plunge
into this exciting endeavor with confidence.

No fluff, no technical jargon just sound information gained from over
20 years of experience! I want to include every little detail you need
to know in order not to screw up! All the important stuff that the books
assume you already know.

And the best way to show you my quilts and to pass on this information
is to send you a free DVD.
Valued at $27.95 (all I ask is that you pay shipping and handling $6.75)

Imagine how enjoyable quilt making could be with all this information at your finger tips.
Take a moment to think about the time and money you will save by learning from my mistakes.
Why bother purchasing countless quilt making books or attending expensive workshops?
There's really no need. I’ve also included for you:

An Inspiring Collection of 10 Quilt Block Patterns with Easy Color Step by Step

Instructions to Get You Started Valued at $47

I've carefully hand selected and written these patterns for you because once you
watch my DVD you'll be excited and want to get sewing straight away.

Little Book of Quilt Sayings.
This is my own personal collection of favorite sayings. Valued at $15

It had taken me years to compile these and now I want you to have a copy
of them as well. Include these on you quilt labels when you want to add
a special message for someone. Or incorporate them into your sewing projects.
You'll never be lost for the right words again.

Free 30 Day Trial Membership to My Exclusive Quilt Making and Sewing Club. Value $29.77

If you are looking to take your quilt making and sewing skills to the next level you will love being
a member of this friendly and informative membership club.This program has been specifically designed
to take you step by step through quilt making basics.
Keep reading for more information about this outstanding program.

Click here for the program outline and photo of the collection of
projects you will make.

I invite you to come on a journey with me as I demonstrate quilt making techniques and sewing skills.
Designed with beginners in mind, this program is a must if you are new to quilt making or would like
to improve your quilt making skills. Each month we will make a sewing or quilt project together,
step by step so that you can see first hand what to do. It will be like having me by your side
in the comfort of your own home.  Click here for a program overview.

You will receive via email:

An original pattern – Designed and written exclusively for this program.

Instructional DVD – You’ll be able to watch on your computer as I
demonstrate each step involved with the project.

Lesson notes – written with step by step instructions and clear diagrams

If after the 30 day trial you decide this friendly club is not for you, you can cancel
your $29.77 membership at any time. No hassles, no questions asked and the first DVD
and lesson notes are yours to keep.

You can’t get much fairer than that.
This program is so much fun that you will be waiting eagerly for each month’s lesson
to arrive. For a limited time it's yours free to enjoy for a free 30 day trial.
That way you can experience this fabulous "how to" program for yourself.

Why am I giving this all away for free you may ask?

Because I was once feeling like you. intrigued and inspired by quilt making but not
knowing where to turn to for help. Intimidated by workshops and weekend retreats,
I fumbled along for years trying to find my way.
My quilting journey had many ups and downs but thankfully I had people along the way
who helped me and now I would like to do the same for you.
I want you to experience the hours of enjoyment that can be gained from quilt making.
Watching expressions on the faces of family members and friend when you present them
with a handmade quilt will be priceless.
Believe me I wish I had come across this information when I fist started quilt making.
Which brings we back to that quilt I made many years ago out on the farm.
You will be pleased to know that I did complete this quilt and still have it today.
I would never part with it.
It taught me some very valuable lessons.
The first and most important lesson, despite my complete lack of technical expertise,
was that I loved the process of quilt making. Of creating something for my home that
I was proud of. My quilt was far from perfect but I didn't care.
From that moment on I was hooked!
It is my wish that I can pass this gift onto you.
Share my stories and learn from my experience.
I look forward to helping you on your quilt making journey.
Warmly Lenna

Yes I want to take advantage of this amazing offer today


PS: Quilt making does not have to be difficult and stressful.
My free DVD takes you by the hand and shares with you the story
of making my first ten quilts. See the quilts in question and the
mistakes that I made so that you will know how to avoid them.
Discover the secrets that have taken me over 20 years to learn.