It makes my day when customers take the time to contact me here at Stitching Cow.
This is especially true when they write to convey their happiness with the service, friendly support and quality of patterns and resources on the
Stitching Cow website.

Here are some of the most recent comments I have received, printed here with the permission of the contributors:

Thank you so much for helping me with this first (of no doubt many) e-pattern orders. I was able to print them off this a.m. and am
so happy about it! I want to tell you that this personal touch with your website..being able to ask questions and get immediate
answers is so comforting. In the Chattanooga area we only have a couple of places that still sell embroidery thread, and it's virtually
impossible to find patterns, let alone darling ones! Finding your website has really excited my interest in embroidery .
I have almost finished the first block of my "Garden of Dreams" BOM, and can't tell you how pleased I've been with the explicit
instructions and ease with which you've written them. How refreshing!!
Thank you again for your obvious interest, in all of us around the world, looking for a site like yours.
I'm quite excited about the new BOM and can't wait for new information and patterns.
Keep up the good work. I'm telling all my friends and anyone that I think NEEDS to learn to embroider, where to find you.
Thank you. Sandy Dayton, Tenn. U.S.A.


You have to be one of the greatest online sellers!I am a new buyer to the Stitching Cow Online Store.
I am so glad that I saw a picture of Lenna Green's BEAUTIFUL, The Kiss of the Sun in a "Australian Country Threads", magazine.
This lead me to The Stitching Cow.com. On this site there are many unique, fresh stitching and quilt patterns.
It was not hard for me to find a few projects that I could not live without. The site is easy to order from; all the projects
are shown in color and Lenna is very quick to follow up each order via email. She answered my questions and patiently helped
me out a number of times. She is very warm and friendly, it is like I have known her as a friend!
I was able to mail-order The Kiss of the Sun quilt pattern, but the two stitch patterns I did not have to wait on, they were
E-Patterns, how fun, I just downloaded them off my computer! The direction to Lenna's projects are very clear and precise with
great color photos, well drawn out patterns for templates and such lovely pictures of what the finishing project is suppose to
look like. I also appreciate Lenna's projects for their fresh and unique quality.I know that when I finally get these finished
I will be back (if not long before) to the Stitching Cow for more fun ideas. Sandra Reese


It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to many more transactions. Your designs are wonderful and
the temptations are great!!! Thank you for your prompt response. I will be recommending your website to all my friends and
to the lists I am on. I got your address from someone on the crazyaboutpincushions@yahoogroups.com


list. Everyone was raving about your designs and especially that pattern. And when I checked it out I could see why!!!
Just had to have it-I have a lot of good sewing/quilting friends who are going to enjoy their birthday gifts next year.
Susan Warren


I love the Stitching Cow website and blog site. It is full of great stuff . You can get information on so many projects,
learn how to make sock monkeys and more.
I joined the mailing list and it makes my day when a Stitching Cow email appears in my in box. Lenna is a fantastic
teacher and her enthusiasm really shines through in her website/blog and emails. Her designs are beautiful and easy
to order online .
Lenna does all the hard work and leaves the fun bit for us.....thanks Lenna!!
Jennifer Richmond Cowra.NSW

What a great surprise & thank you for being so generous with your lovely heart pattern!
I've had a wander around your new look site. its fantastic, very easy to get around, creative & informative.
It's wonderful to see felt designs available, as these are also one my favourites.
Your site is a great & easy place to shop!
Susanne Eade Australia


I've said it before, but I have to reiterate..you have the best detailed patterns to download, on the net.
Glenda Lowe Australia

I think your projects are just so beautiful, you have an amazing talent and eye for detail.
I always appreciate the things that you share with us, it's a pleasure to be part of your sewing experience.
You teach us so much.
Jenny Queensland, Australia

Firstly i would love to thank you for an absolutely fantastic webpage! I wish i had found you sooner.
I have just purchased the Little Linen Heart pattern, and once again, Thank You Thank You Thank You,
for an simple and easy transaction. All i want to do now is go home and start stitching!
Much appreciated, I have already passed your website onto a few of my friends, who have fallen in
love with your site too, Thank you again for an amazing website.
Deborah Weber Victoria Australia