Which Needle Should I Use?

Which needle do I use for my sewing project?
Time to de-stress about which needle to use...I'm here to help.

Needles come in lots of different shape and sizes.
It can be confusing trying to understand which to use.
It is important to have a basic understanding because certain
needles achieve different results. So keep reading.

The three main types of needles used for embroidery have longer
eyes than those used for plain sewing. This makes them easier to thread, particularly
when using more than one strand of floss.They are graded in size
from fine (high numbers) to thick (low numbers).
The choice of needle depends largely on the embroidery technique being used.

Crewel Needles
These are used for most embroidery stitches, as the sharp point and
large eye make them easy to work with.
They are medium- length (sizes 1-10, and are used for fine 6 medium weight
embroidery on plain weave fabric. Choose a needle that takes the thread easily.
Whilst a small needle will help to keep your work fine, if the needle is too small
for the thread you will find it hard to pull the thread through the fabric.
The size of the needle is up to you, but it should be fine if working on a fine
fabric with 1-2 threads. I prefer working with 9-10 size most of the time.

Chenille Needles
These are similar to crewel needles, but they are longer and thicker,
with larger eyes to accommodate heavier thread (sizes 14-26. They are commonly used for
ribbon embroidery.

Tapestry Needles
These needles have blunt points 6 are used for canvas work and embroidery on even weave fabric.
They are usually used for wool embroidery 6 ribbon embroidery (sizes 14-26.

Straw or Milliner Needles
These are used for bullion stitch, grub roses
(groups of bullion, 6 for colonial knots. They are long & fine, with a small eye.
The long shaft and small eye pass through the wraps easily, resulting in an even bullion stitch.

Quilting Needles
There is a lot of variation with hand quilters as to the needle preferred.
A thicker crewel needle (size 6-7) can be used or a sharp/between needle.
I prefer to use a size 12 gold eye quilting needle (Sew Easy or Clover brand).
It really depends on the wadding and fabric used as well as your quilting technique.

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